Saturday, June 13, 2009

Costume for rich people( Malay)

Costume for rental
Rm100.00 per day (Depend or material)
Set of costume
Selindang.Baju Kurung/kebaya,sarung and selipar.

Women Costume( Village)

Women Costume( Village)

Costume for rental

Women Costume( Village)

Costume for women (village)
for rental Rm50.00 above per day(Depend of material)

Set of costume
Baju kurung, kain batik and seliper

Costume for village men

Costume for village men for rental.

Purba costume

Purba costume for rental (For men ,Malay warrior)

Set Costume

Tanjak,costume,bengkong(sash).sampin pant and shoes(capal)Rm100 above perday (depend of material)

Costume for man

Costume for Men

Costume Village

Costume for orang Kampung ( stayed in village)

Couture Classics costume collection

costume collection Couture Classics for rental

(Purba costume)